NovaTech, LTD

With over 40 years of combined experience, NovaTech’s founding members bring decades of knowledge and expertise to the Crypto-Forex Hedge Fund with outstanding securing and performance.
Innovative Platform
The Meta5 Trading platform combined with a world-class team of traders
Risk Management
Risk management with consistent ROI is top priority at NovaTech
Support 24/7
Utilizing powerful support ticket platform
Business Opportunity
One of the most ingenious business models for helping affiliates

Who are we?

Cynthia Petion-CEO

Mrs. Petion is responsible for creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization, managing and implementing the Company’s research and development of strategies, and overseeing the company’s overall operations. Mrs. Petion oversees all marketing initiatives, brand recognition, finances, and compensation, as well as new product development. Mrs. Petion has more than 30 years’ experience in International Business Management & Development. Her business experience includes product development, networking, consulting and creating multi-million dollar monthly sales organizations. She co-found her own wealth management and consulting company. Mrs. Petion is a Reverend and Graduate, Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where she attained advanced degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Economics.

Eddy Petion, COO

Mr. Petion oversees daily operations and trading for client accounts. Mr. Petion entered the financial service industry in 2003 and has more than 20 years of management experience in sales and technology, and real estate investment. Mr. Petion’s IT experience includes consulting in the Wireless Industry and managing multi-million-dollar projects. His consulting experience includes finance, network engineering, civil engineering, and operations. Mr. Petion entered the multi trillion-dollar crypto industry, as a trader where he conducted independent research on trading strategies. Mr. Petion’s active service in the US Army prepared him for the leadership role he serves for the Company and the discipline necessary to execute consistent management of investment and trading programs. Mr. Petion attended City College of New York and DeVry University where he studied network and telecommunications management.

Ricardo Roy, Sr., CTO

Mr. Roy is responsible for managing the Company’s IT trading technology. Mr. Roy has more than 21 years of leadership & IT experience building global Networks and guiding top-tier companies. An accomplished System Architect & Network Engineer, his vision and expertise in Information Technology have driven notable enterprise growth in the retail, banking, finance & government sectors, implementing leading-edge infrastructures. Mr. Roy has concentrated his professional research and practice in crypto mining system designs and optimization. Mr. Roy is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, where he attained an advanced degree in Business Information Systems. Mr. Roy holds certifications in Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Citrix, and CompTIA. Mr. Roy’s track record of network design and expansion is based on his philosophy of total enterprise engagement. Mr. Roy is positioned to quickly identify and diagnose impediments in the Company’s IT operations.


At NovaTech, Ltd we are committed to leveling the playing field, and providing customers around the world an equal opportunity to succeed.

NovaTech is much more than a company delivering reliable trading services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in. We are committed to providing individuals with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal and potentially limitless financial success.

NovaTech’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them. We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to the products and services that we offer and strive to create an environment and culture that lends itself to our Associates success.

Our belief is that a successful company is built around integrity, superior products and services, being driven by genuinely caring and motivated NovaTech members. Together we can build a better business.